Thursday, April 26, 2012

The importance of foresight (#1182)

I cannot overestimate the importance of having a dream and finding a way to have your dream come true. There is nothing wrong with believing that anything is possible. In a world that has too much cynicism already, the counter is to remain resolved to a steady push toward your dream's realization. No easy task but the reward for staying steadfast and achieving a lifelong dream is unquantifiable. We all have our wishes for some wonderful things, yet most of the time these wishes get lost in our society, which demands so many things from us. We tend to forget them or push them from our minds as unachievable. As if our maturing process steals from us our youth. However, on the contrary, our maturing process should strengthen the hubris of our youth. We should never lose sight of our view and the wishes and dreams that comprise them. I know of my own history on this subject. I have been told to "grow up" or "get real" enough times to push my fragile mind into the rigorous mindset of competition to not only survive but to attain through consumption. I was realistically moved from my vision of a world where we all could have the dignity of creating a majestic society to a vision of self-aggrandizement. A few decades back I reclaimed the dreams of my youth and started following another path toward fulfilling them. I did a major overhaul on my thoughts and behaviors to the point where now I am living like the young man who had the world in front of him and goodness in his heart. My dreams for life are ongoing and that is how it should be.

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