Monday, April 30, 2012

Priorities within time (#1186)

The older I get the sooner I know my time will have run out. When will it happen? I don't know yet but certainly the time I have already spent is gone and nothing will change that. I don't mind thinking about my end time very much. It is a reality whose "time" will come. I suppose that my earlier idea of ignoring my eventual impending demise was covering up the fact that I was scared and unable to deal with not being alive. Today however, I am a new man who sees life for what it is, a grand experience that should be lived with wide-eyed wonder. The harshness of our environment does not dictate the harshness of our attitudes. We can take the sunrise with the renewing energy it provides and make our world a better place. We have to work at something during our lives otherwise we become complacent and less positively evolutionary. So our work must count for some good concept that at least makes life more fulfilling and opportunistic for our offspring. We all must think outside the box of our current behaviors and adjust our ambitions to new paradigms. My life is on the downside and I have written before about this, and it is easier for me to be critical about what we should be doing. I was not shown how to live like I should when I was growing up and today that cycle continues. We need to change the dynamic of how we perceive life and provide the foundations that advance the future to the present. Change who we were and are into what we should and could be. A mighty heft in behavior and thought processes but doable when considered against the inevitability we all face. Better to live with a purpose than to just exist without one.

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