Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The time we have (#1173)

It is at times likes these that I am reminded of just how short and quick life is. My experience keeps telling me that putting things off for later is a fool's decision. I need to do now what I think is worthy and not let anything impede me, especially my own mind and it's constant cautions and fears. We welcomed in a new life into our family this morning and regrettably, before we know it, some of our family will be leaving us from either illness or natural causes. Although we can reliably predict our beginnings, we don't know our end times with any real certainty. That is why it is most important to define, within our own minds, who we are and live our lives with all the hubris we can. There is no second chance or do-overs when it concerns life as we all know through losses that inflicted unbearable emotion. The time we have is special and should always be safeguarded, generally, from the cavalier idiosyncrasies of power. We should also live our lives with passionate care and not let our emotions dwindle or dry up. All of us are gifted with this existence and the proud accomplishments of our forebears to enjoy and also improve on. That should be our goal in life, to enjoy what has been created for us and to help sustain that creation with as many improvements we can muster. Time is a tricky thing. It seems to move as slow as an ice age but before you know it, the face in the mirror has changed and time has gotten behind us. Once we have lost that time, there is no getting it back. I don't want to sound alarmist here but I also don't want to be lulled into an illusion that there will always be time later to do those things that I can't seem to find time for now out of some duty to an imagined higher priority. The time we have is limited and what will we do with it?

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