Sunday, April 29, 2012

The virtue of humanitarianism (#1185)

The constant improvement of the human social condition. That is what humanitarianism is defined as. There is no other definition of lesser actions prescribed to what it is to be a humanitarian. Many have robed themselves in the term because of some isolated form of social help but they are looking for accolades and or justification for their lives. Humanitarianism is a lifestyle, not a sleep-over. It is sad to watch public figures proclaim some great act on their part when they spend the bulk of their time tearing down humanitarian concepts. It is as if they don't realize we can see what they are doing. Which then begs the question, are they lying about being a humanitarian in an effort to mask their non-humanitarian agendas? It seems that deception is at the heart of those who claim a virtue for themselves while living a selfish existence. When those who have power and/or wealth live under the assumption that there is no sovereign above them, even while they claim they respect the concept of a God, they disregard the virtuous life for the self-satisfying one. I personally know what it is to be selfish. It has a drunken incoherency to it that serves to empower the ego. What I have also found is that this "ego trip" has no soulful fulfillment component to it. That is why I have disregarded my selfish concepts and have instead embraced those principles surrounding humanitarianism and just as much, animal awareness and care. All the life forms on this planet as well as the physical nature of our Universe has my attention. The days of putting myself first are long gone and the days of humanity are omnipresent for me.

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Nona said...

Carl, this is very well stated. I praise your humility in discussing the hypocrisy that is being presented as humanitarian when it is actually opportunistic. I find myself striving to understand what is behind the "words" of politicians, business leaders, military strategists, etc. It is important that we do this, especially at this time in our history.