Friday, May 25, 2012

Democracy must be defended (#1211)

Just like all the wars that America has fought over since it's inception as a country, democratic ideals are at the heart of it's people. We have no higher calling in our American society than to defend and expand democracy. Regardless of what our economic system evolves toward, despite how our religious views are interpreted and most important, despite what laws we place upon ourselves, we must never for one minute dishonor the memory of our ancestors who conceived for us and died for us to have this remarkable model of political equality. We have expanded Democracy into our social experiences as well but we have further work to do in that area as well as in our economic interchanges being more equal. But we have the foundation and it is as solid as a rock. We judge our society based upon on it's benefit to all of us not just some of us. Democracy is every human given the inalienable right to determine what his or her destiny may be within the guidelines we determine to be sufficiently secure while maintaining freedom and liberty. None of us are any less viable as an individual and none of us are any more viable as an individual. This is the beauty of Democracy, the rich man and the poor man each have an equal say in how we determine our collective futures as Americans. The principles of Democracy demand that equality and as such there will continuously remain the opportunity for all of us to strive and hopefully achieve our personal pursuit of happiness. Democracy is an ideal and as such it is given to interpretations that do not foster it's perfect order. That is why each of us American citizens are privileged with the duty to protect Democracy at all costs, just like our fore-fathers and fore-mothers did in it's initial creation and development.  

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