Friday, May 18, 2012

It is the hard that makes the good (#1204)

No coasting through life when in a position that requires everything of us. We elect people to lead for us and when those people don't lead, but instead act as if they have arrived at some sanctuary, we lose the momentum of progress and frustration sets in. There are so many examples of this I am ashamed to say. Life is hard and some jobs in life are even harder than normal. However, there is never an excuse for not working hard when the position won requires it. Public service is not for the weak at heart. It is visible and full of expectation from those who did the electing. Much work and creative thinking are a constant. Nothing can change for the good for our society if those we elect see getting elected as a destination they have been trying to attain for self-aggrandizement, instead of as a place where they have arrived to roll up their sleeves and work hard until they can no longer put out the effort needed by the public at large. We must elect those who are willing to continue to fight for the foundations we have built and add new, just and innovative, paradigms to them. This is not a glory hunt, it is tireless giving of oneself for others. There is no selfishness in being a public servant. We must change who we elect based upon why they are running and their willingness to uphold our public trust. Regardless of how advertisers and talking heads describe preferences, we, the public, must make clear to those who would lead that we expect everything from them and when they have nothing left, we must elect new public servants who are again willing to do the hard work in order for the good to come about for all of us. We have not arrived as a society yet so the arduous work to get our society advanced and enlightened continues.

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