Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our natures demand a positive outlook (#1202)

Lest we forget, we are unique in all the Universe as to our myriad possibilities. We are Human and as such we have the physical and mental capacities to self-determine and put knowledge to the yet still unknown. We are the only entity in this existence that has this prowess. Being at the pinnacle of opportunity, we must therefore understand how fortunate we are to have our destinies in our own hands. How brilliantly lucky we are to be born into an existence where oppression can only come from ourselves. If we all choose not to oppress, there would be none. Our past history has been convoluted with survival mixed with limited information. We do not suffer that paradigm as an only option today. We have advanced to the point where logic and nurture can replace the old paradigms of class distinction and the prejudices that flow from them. I have been consistent in my evaluation that we humans have two main natures, our curiosity and our compassion. Curiosity is fueled by the fact that we are all born into a world that contains us but is surrounded by the unknown. Compassion is evidenced by our care for each other and the emotional attachments that are a result of our care. We are a caring and wondering species. It is who we are and the embrace of who we are is where we find that we have only one rational outlook, that being positive. We are unique and we are trailblazers of our own destinies, which by all accounts, situates us as the leaders of all questions related to knowledge and it simplifies our actions to being specific in how we care for each other. We have no other outlook that expresses our natures so purely; and so perfectly expresses the identifying signature that we are human.

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