Monday, May 28, 2012

Prosperity is greater than austerity (#1214)

Some among us have a belief that we should place artificial hardships upon ourselves to make us motivated to achieve. I believe that we have enough real hardships to accomplish the same effect. Life is not about making life harder for ourselves, instead it is about making life better for ourselves so that we can grow and learn even more. I am amazed at how blinded many are about what it is to be alive. We are not a course and brutish lot, instead we are a caring and curious lot. Why would we not elevate who we are as opposed to suppressing that same definition of who we are? No real motive can be sensibly rationalized except a negative one of a punishing existence. Those with psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies may deem placing hardship upon themselves and others as beneficial, but those of us who are free and clear of chronic mental deficiencies do not have to rationalize a lack of conscious as our guiding moral principle. We would rather build our society based upon advancing it toward the unknown and what that may bring in knowledge than to revert to the crass lifestyle of unworthiness. Life is too precious to waste on denying ourselves the senses and reasoning ability we are gifted with at birth. I will for the life of me never understand why all of us don't treat each other as fellow equals with every right and opportunity we would wish for ourselves. Life is not about competition and winners and losers, it is about shared experiences and the unending quest to learn and know more and more.

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