Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Think, think and then think some more! (#1201)

We are given a brain for more than just occupying space between our ears. The most important concept in human development has been the realization that we can think. I have met and seen so many people who just flat out choose to not think for themselves. Which makes me wonder, what do they do with their time instead of thinking? Are they so focused on their own moment to moment movements that any cognitive awareness out beyond themselves is just a waste of their precious time? Are they incapable of rationalization through logic that they just give in to the defeat of their own self-determination and take the easy way out by accepting safe antiquated thinking, despite it's irrational application to our modern society? Has the fear of losing what little they have overridden their ability to see how manipulated they become to the manipulators? For reasons beyond me I can only guess that those who are against the freedom and liberty of using their own thinking instead of canned thinking provided by those who fall short of rationality, is fear. How utterly, yes I said how utterly coward like and inhuman like. We are each given the capacity and ability to utilize our brains from sources provided by our own senses. It is so simple to think, why do so many not care to try? Thinking is like everything else, go into it with an open mind, absorb that which is new and discard that which is nonsensical. Simple, then analyze the information, reason it out, then conclude your perspective. Don't be afraid to share your conclusions with others so that they may agree or bring new information that allows you to objectively change your own thinking on your conclusion. This is the process of trial and error, which we all go through in order to arrive at an enlightened state. Wake up and think for yourself!

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