Sunday, May 20, 2012

We all live from our heart (#1206)

There is no denying the real impetus to our lives. Even the most cold, seemingly inhumane individuals calculate their thoughts and actions from their heart. I may have to exclude some sociopathic/psychopathic individuals who have no conscious, but in almost every individual there is a majority of action that can be directly related to our instinctual compassion. How we feel about the world, people and other animals is how we react. There is an emotional aspect to our species that underlies all that we are. I say this to demonstrate that we all have some commonalities that cannot be changed. What we have that hides all of this from us is the conclusions about how we feel, not that we feel. In opposing view points about public and private policy, the intent is still the same. A form of improvement or betterment is at the heart of even the most illogical solutions. Logic should be able to expose this however, logic is not given it's foundational due like it should so therefore we end up with solutions that have little effect of positive societal influence on whole. For those who refuse to subscribe to the sequencing that logic illustrates, a more passionate alternative thought process forms and begins to dominate because in these instances the solutions are pre-formed, regardless of whether they fit the problem. I have often heard the sentence, "A solution in search of a problem" and that is what we are experiencing a lot of these days. So what we need to realize is that we are all starting out from our hearts to find a better life and to find that better life we all would behoove ourselves by applying our heart's compassion with the truth of logic, aimed at the great priorities of our time.

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