Thursday, May 17, 2012

We must teach possibilities! (#1203)

So much of what we are teaching ourselves centers on economics instead of building on science and logic. We are so immersed in how we operate our bartering within society, a mundane chore at best, that we lose sight of advancing our minds into the areas that have little information. Are we afraid of the unknown so much that we choose to ignore it in favor of something safe and easily understood? Or are we incapable of the mental work necessary to continue the great enlightenment of the past 500 years? I seem to be of a group of less and less people who see we humans as the great force of the Universe. Evidence contradicts my perception in the fact that so many of us humans choose to give up learning and instead choose to accept ancient paradigms of just coping. Not only are we not moving forward into modernity and progress with enthusiasm, we are reverting to illusory concepts that reverse modernity and create greater hardship. Instead of finding new ways to address our societal problems by thinking outside the boundaries of what exists, we instead tear down our advances in the name of making life harsh and brutish. I am still not convinced that this backward trend is real enough to be sustained but what worries me is that I will be wrong. If the human experiment is not up to the task of fighting through to the knowing of the unknown out of fear or lack of will, then we are not destined to exist into the future for long. Continuing to exist as human beings was and is hard enough without us strategically trying to destroy who we are and what possibilities we still could have.

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