Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Compromised freedom to reach agreements (#1265)

I was born into this world with nothing to my name but me. I came into existence without any guarantee. I was given what I needed to grow into my own self-supportive being and that was a gift. I need to stay alive and that requires resources of varying degrees. All at the basic level and none that could be construed as elaborate. This is actually the recipe for life for all of us. At the basic level we need to maintain our existence through only a few resources that are natural here on Earth. But for practically all of us, the simplicity of just surviving is not enough. We find that we have a desire to know specific things and to learn those things. We find that we gravitate toward unique and valuable commodities which capture our imaginations. We begin to entangle ourselves in processes for accumulation that restrict our individual ability for an unfettered existence. Most of us are more than willing to trade off some freedom for lifestyles that satisfy us on a level that is acceptable to the trade off. We all do that and no one is immune to being in the arena of compromise. For me, some compromise is how I get to enjoy the company of others and establish some security baselines from which to ground myself. If all I had was freedom, I would find out that my life would be a lot lonelier and less fulfilled. I need more that just freedom to exist. Psychologically, I need to feel a togetherness with other people; a family esprit if you will. My own desire to have all my freedoms will not allow me the option of contracting with others in ways that express desired outcomes. I need to sacrifice some of my freedoms so that we can agree on things that we all can find acceptable. We are not all of the same mindset but we are close enough to have some overlap, therefore some common ground from which to build from by giving up a little freedom, to gain a little more satisfactory agreement.

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