Saturday, July 28, 2012

Irrational will has a price (#1275)

I know what this is. I have knowingly displayed it myself. I had been caught on the wrong side of an argument and would not relinquish the fact of my error. Instead I played it all the way through to the point of disengaging and calling out the other as wrong. Later, by myself, I could not believe that I had let the stubbornness of my ego, in wanting to be correct, actually push forward with an illogical conclusion to the detriment of my previous relationship. Yes I say previous because I lost my relationship with the one I was debating because he knew I was irrational and wanted nothing further to do with a person who could not admit he was wrong. I have been stung with many of these examples because of my stubborn nature to defend that which I was not able to logically defend. The case studies of my arrogance on display. If only I could have gone into the debates and logical arguments with an objective open mind I would have been able to allow my curiosity to be a priority instead of my ego. It has been many years since I have had those types of experiences as my will has been crushed down to only defending propositions and people who are earnest in developing facts and truths as opposed to inflated egos. The main lesson I have taken away from my bad behavior is that there are consequences to selfishness. I lost friendships over it and that is what hurts the most, although in my case necessary. I have also now come to that point in my life where I will disassociate from others if they insist on following illogical conclusions as rational. There must be a price to pay and the only real punitive price to inflict is to move on from them to others who are more attuned to putting logic above ego. it does not matter who the person is, all that matters is that logical rationality is forwarded in my life and leaving anyone out of my life has no boundaries based upon their intentional decision to be irrational.

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