Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Reality as an option (#1264)

It does seem strange to think in this term but that "reality" is an option seems prevalent. if I choose to ignore reality and continue on with my own illusion then that really is my reality. Yet it is not what logic or rationality dictates. I suppose that facing the truth of things can be overwhelming for many and that blocking out the truth of reality is more a coping mechanism than an ideal intentional perspective. Why we end up believing what we do is up to the chance of not believing what reality tells us. More of a "wherever I end up" is my truth, not that I planned to go there. Unfortunately, there is no logic in that when we were moved there by avoiding and dismissing the truth of things. I have been baffled by the stern discipline of some to defend positions that are neither logical nor commonsensical. But when I consider that these default positions are the lesser of painful realities for those who cannot face the truth of natural reality, then I begin to understand that it is based upon a survival concept of "fragile consciousness" (my words). The problem with having a conscious of fragility is that if we all shared this phenomenon we would all mostly seem incoherent to each other. That is why we try diligently to maintain and cohabitate in a structured reality based upon our best understanding of what truth is. A fragile consciousness, to me, is defined as the inability to cope with reality in a truthful way and instead changes reality to fit a more comfortable impression. It is an escape clause we design to defend ourselves from what scares us. That we would conclude that ignoring the truth for whatever reason is acceptable to actually living in the truth, despite whatever fear it lays upon us, is not an option worthy of our human potential.

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