Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The end is always a new beginning (#1271)

I have been at the end of so many things in life that I am certain that even in death, I will find a new beginning. Be that true or not about what happens after we die, I want to focus on the the things that happen in life where endings always lead to new beginnings. As I have grown older, the passions and experiences I once cherished have begun to elude me and I realize it. So, instead I begin to transition from those wonderful pursuits and activities toward other practices that are more sustainable for me. I have modified my concepts, that as a young man were limitless, to a now more wiser, older aged perspective. In other words, I don't run up mountains with alacrity, knowing that no mountain could ever hold me back, instead I stroll evenly and carefully in the hope that I can make it to the top. My days of playing sports and working like a madman, with the physical verve and agility I once displayed as a younger man, has now been replaced with just casual exercise and methodical work procedures without the lung bursting repetitions and accomplishing ever more in less time of past glory days. I admire those who are now young and who are doing the types of things I used to do when I was young, living life with a sense of immortality, combined with a sense of awe and enthusiasm for what more I could attain. Everything is perspective and in my little world, I was a majestic being who pushed my boundaries regularly. At the same time I was growing into a strong versatile young man, so was my mind about what I thought I could accomplish and maintain. It was there in my philosophy for living that my physical strength could not help me and my mental strength was overcome by my own ego. Time went by and eventually I came to realize the disconnect between the muscle and the mind. I have since over some time reconnected both and have since had the pleasure of some peace about reality and some peace about my future. Again, there is always a new beginning, even when we are mentally crushed by our old endings. That is why hope is still the greatest remedy to anything that has ever ailed us.

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