Sunday, July 29, 2012

The importance of objectivity (#1276)

I mention this definitive word a lot when writing about how we should view our environment and our thought processes. Actually, everything in existence needs to be filtered through objectivity. Let me provide the definition of objectivity from a general understanding: "From a neutral point of view". As an analogy, it is like starting in the center of a thing and when all sides of a thing have been viewed, then moving in the direction of the most logical conclusion about the thing. Where we end up from an objective analysis is uncertain, but where we start from an objective analysis is always certain. One cannot have preconceived notions when one is objective, otherwise, that is known as being subjective: "(Subjective) refers to the subject and his or her perspective, feelings, beliefs, and desires".-Wikipedia. Subjectivity is where we have our confusion and chaos as to a starting point for analysis. Objectivity eliminates all confusion and chaos that subjectivity encourages, because we have a fresh unadulterated foundation to which to begin from. I know that some think that previous generations of thought have allowed for some preconceptions to have valid foundational premises attached to a thing, however, when we try to validate a subjective viewpoint based upon factors outside the simple thing we are examining, we are changing the nature of the thing in a way that pollutes it's actual nature. In other words, we must always approach our understanding of a thing based solely upon the nature of the thing and not what others have already concluded about it's nature. For most things this is necessary for us to maintain or own sense of discovery. In some areas we are not able to understand complex and intertwining things that have confusing conclusions and in those areas we must not venture opinions as facts unless we can prove it ourselves. My point here today is just to say that we must be the masters of our own understandings and actually do the work required to maintain that control. It all starts with our being an objective observer.

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