Monday, August 27, 2012

And the beat goes on... (#1305)

A remarkable reality about we humans is that eventually we have to fall asleep and go "offline" for awhile. When we wake up and return to the conscious, life has changed, even if imperceptibly. We leave consciousness at one point in the timeline and return at another point. Change, it is what life does every second of it's existence. This real outcome should be a rallying point for all of us to realize that nothing has to stay the same. It only stays the same if we want it or need it to. When I wake up I want to be in the same bed I fell asleep in and that is good. Yet, our society, which is continuing to mature by leaps and bounds should not be held back to the same idealism of my bed being the same as when I awoke as when I initially feel asleep. Our foundations for keeping stability are real and necessary as such they should be. I need some things of a personal nature to remain as I left them, but not in the case of how we evolve as a society. I need your and my society to evolve with time and knowledge to a cutting edge degree. I cannot carry forward positions that have become outdated and of no positive utility other than to make some "feel" safe and secure, despite the illogical impositions it places on our enlightened thinking. I am not advocating that some are not in need of protections from fear, but what I am advocating is that we should not be held back from our boldness to discover. The tension between allowing change to be real and the idea that change should be avoided whenever possible is now playing out among us with a surprising ferocity. The stakes could not be any more clear in what direction our species moves toward, our natural inherent impulses or our stayed fear based comfort. 

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