Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Information and knowledge is my addiction (#1299)

I admit that I am a news junkie. I have to have my fix everyday, every hour even every minute. Occasionally I take a small break to absorb what I have learned into my outlook, but a small break it is. Since I was born I have been on a quest to know what all that is around and about me. Like a blind man who can only reach out his arms to touch and know what is about him, I am that way with my mind. There is never going to be a place where I stop and say to myself, you have done well enough Carl, relax and just enjoy the rest of your life. Instead there will be plateaus that I pause at in order to reconfigure my direction of journey and then it is onward with the pressing of my passion. I know that my time is finite. Finite in the sense that I will only be able to learn for a period of time and then I am not going to be able to learn anymore. This, not so much the loss of my life, is what haunts me more. That my mind won't be able to continue to examine and discover those things that are unknown to me. A great tragedy of sorts when I consider that spending a lifetime of curious discovery is rewarded with a loss of it all. Some, who are cynical to doing anything because they surmise that life will end and therefore what is the point if you are going to lose it all anyway. They miss the point of the journey through life and the effect we can have on the next generations of humans who advance what we learned into a future where their learning is built upon our learning. As an optimist, I can only see what is possible and not impossible. That old Star Trek intro that stated "Boldly going where no man has gone before" is my mantra. I do live what I have now and enjoy the fruits of life as they are but for me the change of every minute to the next is another opportunity to expand from what I know to knowing more.  

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