Thursday, August 30, 2012

Innocence is lost when lying is intentional (#1308)

I can only control one thing about my character and that is whether I tell the truth or not. If all that I think and do in life, of a positive nature, is undermined by me, through deceptive deceit, then I deserve the consequences without contest. If I deliberately create a falsehood and then defend that falsehood, I have wreaked havoc on my character and all my actions previous to the falsehood. I have no laurels to fall back upon when I know in my heart I have done a deliberate wrong for a nefarious reason. Such is the change in me and now the nobility and honor that I choose for myself to live under. I have created a sovereign to me in my character that has a foundation that I cannot go beneath. I love my innocence now. I had previously abandoned it for the pleasures of the world without conscious and truthful conviction. However, I have turned from my ways of indulging my own desires and have now instead found a humility in life that expands my honorable principles for living into a reality for day to day living. I am not yoked to lying as a rule when my advantages are weighed, I do not consider my own welfare as greater in the community of life than any other person's welfare. Certainly I take responsibility for my own care but not at the expense of deceit or intentional misadventure. Guilt and remorse are two of the finest conscious feelings I have come to know in the sense that they are a constant reminder of what life was like when my innocence weighed less than my greed for power and pleasure. I was given a second chance to find my way back to the honorable community of life and as such so can others who find themselves willing to lie at every turn to protect that which they have wrongfully obtained or willfully harmed others through lying to achieve.

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