Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making sense out of the nonsense! (#1293)

This is why I am informed. I cannot allow the disinformation we allow, as a society, to be spread about without consequence. It is I and others who have to make sure the proper consequences come to those who deliver misinformation for their own philosophical and/or financial gain. The one thing that just outright galls me is our national attitude about giving lies the same platform as truths. We purposely allow lies to infiltrate our national conscience on the same level with informative truths. Lies are not equal to truths nor should lies be given the same exalted status as truths. The general argument is that we wouldn't want to restrict free speech in any way. However, the argument fails to account for the irreparable damage done to those who trust that the lies are really the truth. There no doubt as to why our American society is at loggerheads with each other. Some accept lies as truth and others accept truth as truth. The ability to critically think, each for ourselves individually, is the only way to combat the effects of lies, in lieu of making the telling of lies a justified punishable offense. A truth squad to objectively determine, through logically determined proof, that lies are lies and therefore a criminal offense. If no penalty is attached to whether someone disseminates lies as truth then we will always have those in our society who will use lies to gain advantages for themselves while setting back any meaningful societal progress. Until that day when we, as a society, begin to establish guidelines and laws to combat the heretofore free enterprise of gain from lies, we have only ourselves and the knowledge we build within us, to protect and admonish lies when they enter our conscious awareness.

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