Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The error of ego as the rule (#1306)

The death of humility is certainly not forthcoming yet it is under assault. If ever there was a behavioral trait that clearly defines a path toward an equal and just world it is humility. On the other hand, or the other side of humility is ego, the constant prioritization of self-importance over all other inanimate and animate objects. Two extreme sides of behavior that portend opposite visions for life and our society. What is the genesis for each and why are each of these two extremes conflicted? Ego is defined to capture the greatest strengths one may have about themselves and is deployed through mechanisms that reflect those abilities. Competition, exalted promotion and other forms that gain glorifying recognition from others. Humility is a soft observance to one's principled ideals based in quietly doing for others that which one would appreciate others having done for them. Raising up high community over selfish individualism. To gain an objective perspective on choosing humility over ego, one needs to see above the situations and circumstances of life. One must realize that time tolls for all and not a second longer can we control. Ego, like vain glory, is artificial and presents itself with a cost to others, while humility extracts no cost from others and is a self-satisfying entity that neglects self for the cause of others. A conundrum of sorts, when you give away that which you have to receive a benefit from the giving. The objective perspective is that nothing in life for us individually carries on into death. Yet what we do in life can carry on after our demise. Which will it be? A life lived that disregards what others endure or a life well lived that endures making others' lives a little better?

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