Thursday, August 23, 2012

There is no honor in being a liar (#1301)

The little lies or omissions of truth we allow in our lives are the catalyst for building a foundation of deceit we eventually find ourselves living. Taking the easy way out at the expense of not doing the difficult work of truth telling can be traced to most all of our dysfunctional behaviors. We do this to ourselves! The little lies about how we are doing or keeping our secrets to the point of denying reality in the face of all evidence. We are human and we do human things, such is the way of our lives, yet we humans have built a mirror around ourselves that tries to reflect back only those things that make us look perfect. We are not perfect and anyone who even for a fleeting thought thinks we are is already doomed to some degree of misery. Illusion, notwithstanding, is false and can only lead to more intricate webs of deceit. I remember as a child I used the art of lying to such a complexity that I finally hit the point of not remembering which lie was the latest and all my little tall tales came tumbling down to my feet. I was exposed as a liar, and at the age of 8 years, it became clear to me that no one, and I mean no one is capable of keeping all the falsehoods going without eventually losing control of the mess they make. In telling the truth, at least the facts are consistent and can be retained to keep the story line a reality, regardless of the situations and circumstances. The shame I remember when caught in my lies as a child is still real to this day. I did not quit telling lies after my nefarious episode as a child but I did not rely on lying as a strategy for living. I have refined my life as I have gotten older to keep any hint of a lie as far from me as possible and that is one reason why honor has been able to exist within me again.

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