Thursday, August 16, 2012

What we do to ourselves (#1294)

Innocence is what we are born with and then we spend the rest of our lives losing it. I don't like to dwell on the negative aspects of reality, but I must in order to explain how we lose our innocence. Since the first civilization, we have been attempting to order a society that best reflects safety and security, balanced with freedoms. These are good ideals to have but our attempts to implement equality and fairness to them has been mediocre. Instead of structuring processes that amplify and grow our care for each other and our curiosity for the existence we live within, we instead force ourselves into competitions to highlight our differences. I know we are different, however our differences are what make us more complete on whole as opposed to how we are when we are just individuals devoid of community. Instead of highlighting our differences through competition, win and lose scenarios, we should be examining our differences and prioritizing them to there best utility. We all have something important to offer society, and having a society that recognizes that is the first order of organizing it. As we continue to learn and grow in this existence as humans we must allow ourselves some foundational principles. We are good and full of wonder when we are born, allowing that innocence to nurture and grow should be our one pathway toward maturity. We have allowed ourselves to be compromised in our upbringing to the point of us valuing greed and power over joy and discovery. Our values have been shaped by our present reality and we need to change our present reality in order to get us going into the most optimal characteristics and behaviors our species has been gifted with. It is all within our grasp to formulate and now is always the best time to do it.

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