Friday, October 19, 2012

Cutting the tie that binds (#1358)

We are all human and as such we deserve nothing less than that respect. I have family that is hateful and ignorant, while claiming in a condescending way to being charitable, that I will never respect again but let me tell you, they deserve what they get. I will never bow down to their negativeness out of duty or family tradition. It is easier to cut binds with friends who have lost my respect in that they are not part of future plans that always include family gatherings. The point is that taking a stand for those who deserve my attentions and considerations, is far greater than owing allegiance to a family hierarchy devoid of simple respect, built upon deception and lies. I have family members that disgrace the word humane in thought and declaration. It is the dying off of the old ways of bigotry in word and in indirect action. Yet there are younger members of my family that are picking up the very same bigotry disguised as segregating rhetoric. The do's and the don'ts of life. Those with agreeable ethics and those with unagreeable ethics. Bigotry is all encompassing when it is directed from it's prejudice so no amount of justification will ever cover it's intent. Yet in my own family it roars like it is virtue. A sheep in wolves clothing if you will. I cannot for the life of me believe that any amount of ignorance toward diversity and intolerance is acceptable yet my own family proves me wrong. This is my point, I am a free will individual to do as I see fit and not beholden to anyone for their by-your-leave. As such I can choose to disassociate with family and friends when their behavior indicates that they are not decent enough to hold respect as a common honorable principle. My life is mine and as such my decisions reflect what I hold dear, not what others would pollute me with. Stay informed!!!!! 

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