Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fighting to save the middle class (#1356)

The wealthy in our societies have found an agenda they like, it is called austerity and they wish to employ it on those of us who do not have enough as it is. Why would they do this? Apparently they feel that we do have enough, in fact they feel that we have too much and we shouldn't be allowed to keep it. I will not allow the wealthy to define what they feel is our acceptable middle class opportunities. None of us should be subject to what the wealthy feels is best for us. We are the ones who shall define our policies for our maintaining and increasing our way to choice and opportunity, not them! That we cannot trust those who have been fortunate in society and have great success to look out for those who haven't had great success and have been unfortunate is a new paradigm. It used to be that those who had success showed gratitude toward society by opening doors for those who could not. The wealthy have stumbled upon an old disreputable policy of greed that has infected their thinking. Instead of having the improvement of society as their goal, they are now guided by power and greed. For some reason they have lost their moral compass and have set out on a course of selfishness and disdain for those who are not as fortunate as themselves. There is no trusting the wealthy to to ally with the middle class to champion policies that lift all of us up. Instead they have embarked to lift only themselves up and disregard the effects that has on those who are not wealthy. If being wealthy makes a person discount opportunity to others who are not wealthy, then being wealthy is not a worthy goal of mine. Living to fight against what wealth has become is my new calling and I will fight it with all that I have left.

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