Monday, October 22, 2012

I was here (#1361)

On my desk here at home I have carved into it, my name and that I was here. The same thing I do with this daily blog, I announce to the Universe that I am here. I know I won't be here later but right now I am and it matters to me to say so. I think about all the lives that have been lived from the past and how they must have felt about this subject. Screaming at the sky that "I exist" and hoping that somehow the Universe will record that scream was all they had. Those in the past who were lucky enough to have made it into books that reflect their passing through existence had to be some comfort, however the unease at which we feel that our purpose for living needs to matter is never really satisfied. Quite a while back I figured out my purpose for living, which is to think and feel with all my being, but just that in itself is not enough to explain all the curiosity and compassion that I have within me. So there is more to me than can be explained by me knowing my purpose. That is why I write this daily blog, I want to have a forum in defining who and what I still don't know about myself by presenting those things that I do know about myself. It is my fist in the sky screaming at the Universe that I exist, despite not truly knowing all of why. I also use my time and space here to define what I see as our human nature and advocate on behalf of my construction of it. As time continues to fly by me and I continue to grow older within the finite straits of life, I do see the need for me to persevere toward questioning everything around me and accepting nothing less than everything is possible. It may seem I am a dreamer of sorts but dreams are what I can build upon and that is how I will satisfy my own quest for that which I still don't know.

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