Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Money can't buy truth (#1362)

No amount of money can buy the truth. Money may disguise the truth for awhile but in the end the truth finds a way to unshackle itself from the imperfect. That doesn't mean that some do not try to hide the truth behind deception and distortion if not outright lies, yet the some have also found that a short lived illusion is not permanent. Still, when short termed gain is important, money can be effective if enough is spent to keep the illusion alive. What kind of motive would one have to fool the many into believing the illusion? Certainly it involves a return on the investment spent to create the illusion. A calculus is made that by employing an ulteriorly motivated strategy of falsehood, regardless of cost, a greater benefit will be secured. A gambler's bet that despite morality and honorable principles, power and wealth are the greatest priorities. Such has been the nature of some who can afford to create a loss for the many at the expense of creating a gain for themselves. To perpetrate or commit to conceptualizations that disguise the truth is beneath dignity and should be punishable by exacting measures of equality. Much like an eye for an eye, if those few who think that denying truths to many is a goal for profit, they likewise should suffer the loss of all their money as an exacting response of the truth in action. Deception should be a crime otherwise the spreading of it becomes unchecked when only the shaming of them is their worst case scenario. Those few who would use untruth as a strategy have already moved beyond shame as a deterrent. Our society on whole is making progress on the exposure of lies but we need to punish those who do with a retribution that effectively deters the consideration of using money to hide the truth. 

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