Thursday, October 25, 2012

Racism and sexism and their negative effects (#1364)

If you would rather hold your opinions about the differences between the races and the opposite sex, than to experience the sameness we all share you can effectively be right in calling yourself a racist and a sexist. Both racism and sexism exist as differentiations not assimilations. There is a cowardice inherent within both stereotypes of racism and sexism. Both include a judgment that segregation and power are supreme over equality and shared similarities. These are choices we can each make on our own, uninhibited to outside interference. Choices that reflect the strength of character and the will to understand. Many fail to live up to what should be seen as diversity and tolerance, in order to sustain a rationale that brings comfort in exclusion. That is how the weak prevail, they exclude so that they can control. Instead of embracing life as a gift, many choose to order life into levels of permission based upon their own ideal of sentience and philosophical prejudices. The concept that life is chaos and can only be made sense of by the divining of a protocol that inhibits the chaos, through parameters based upon likes and dislikes, is their preferred hierarchical foundation. In other words a class system based upon their own principles. It is easier to hate that which you won't understand when the understanding of something equates you with it. Power is a morally corrupting ideal but nonetheless is chosen by many when they have no will or courage to face reality head on and accept what reality has clearly produced. Racism and sexism have been institutionalized into our society in ways that have made us less honorable and less able to see truth when it stares back at us in the mirror.

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