Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saving my sanity (#1355)

There are some things in life worth preserving at all costs. I have to weed through different experiences to know how they affect my overall consciousness. It is this weeding process that determines for me whether certain situations are healthy or not for me. As to the actual weeding process it varies of course based upon the circumstance. I have to have my mind open to the experience and give it an honest effort. If however despite my best intentions the situation has more negative outcomes than positive ones then the choice begins to become clear that I am not doing my mental or physical health any good. I must then reverse or extricate myself from further interaction within the paradigm that has been unsatisfactory. It is a shame since I always try to put my skills to best use with the mindset of that all things are possible. But when the reality of all things being possible clearly are not, I have to let go and move on. There is always a sense of disappointment and sadness that fills my soul but regardless, I cannot keep going forward toward darkness when light is my goal. This has is really simple, if I can be an effective vessel for understanding positive outcomes I jump in feet first into the current pool, if not, then I must stop wherever I am at and extricate myself and try another pool. That is my life and certainly it is most of others' lives too. I am a stubborn and obstinate person at times and it is hard to admit defeat. Yet for the sake of my sanity I must do so and remember that it is always about the effort I make and the outcomes of these efforts of mine are not strictly in my control.

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