Thursday, October 18, 2012

The innocence of my youth is still within me (#1357)

I am still that wide-eyed 6 year old who saw the world as a remarkable place and the people in it a wonder to behold. Since then, some of the unknown edges of my curiosity have been filled in and not everything is as it should be but for the most part the best is still ahead of us and our point in time is quite advantageous. I have not sold my soul to cynicism and those of you who have know what I am talking about. My dreams and hopes did not get sold at the altar of an unsatisfying and unequal compromise. The moral is to trust your instincts over and above your pleasures. That wide-eyed 6 year old inside me knew that I was a good person and that would be my path. I have strayed from that path but have always found my way back. Life is not a perfectly designed to keep us all within our best understandings of ourselves, but it can be made to closer reflect that perfection. By keeping our innocence intact and not allowing fears, like settling for less, to trump our will to endure despite difficulty. So many times I have been close to joy, then misery, at the sight of beauty only to be denied because of a lack of will to persevere, not only on my part but others as well. Fighting for what we know is the best of who we are with honor and strength is our path forward. That innocence that will be within me until the day I die is patiently waiting to be exercised in my life and that is my purpose. All the trappings and allures are just obstacles to me fulfilling my true destiny, which is to be true to myself. I will not yoke myself to compromise and then try the rest of my days to justify to everyone else what I know is not true. That is a lesser life and not worthy of any of us when our innocence demands greater. 

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