Monday, October 15, 2012

Where profits gain and education loses. (#1354)

America, that is where. The race to capitalize every aspect of our society has allowed for the greed of profits to prioritize itself over the knowledge base of our citizens. We are on a path, led by some very wealthy interests, to segregate out from our society the opportunity for us to become enlightened. I can only venture the reason as the few existing wealthy who are perpetrating this dynamic as being they are fearful of having to continue to compete with a larger base of individuals for the wealth they currently control. They have a mindset that if they eliminate the competition, by lessening the knowledge it takes to compete with them, they will feel more secure in their wealth. It always comes back to greed and selfishness through fear. Overcoming this paradigm of diminishing education for all citizens, that these few wealthy are forwarding, is the denial of allowing them to privatize education. We need educational opportunities to remain in the public domain for the sheer necessity of including all our citizens. When educational opportunities are privatized, more are left out since the cost of education grows due to profits being the motivator for inclusion. As the price goes up education becomes a luxury, not a necessity and that is where we will begin as a nation toward demise. We are already attacking programs that deal with our weaker members and now we are on a path to drive a wedge between those who can afford to learn and those who cannot. Capitalism is a subset of our society, used to help us with barter and exchange, not to institute a political philosophy that dwarfs democratic ideals. we can live without capitalism, we cannot live without democracy.

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