Friday, November 16, 2012

Actions have consequences (#1386)

It is important to understand what a little sensitivity can do for oneself. If what I am doing to others is not considered when evaluating my future action, then I have some work to do. No one can rationally justify making decisions based only upon the outcome to themselves. There are others out there who feel the impact. That is why a little sensitivity to how actions prevail a cost upon others is necessary for fair human interaction. Some of course could care less if they exact a cost upon others as long as they get what they want. That is a strategy they employ as a rule and their inability to function in normal healthy relationships is less important than the attainment of some, ambiguous or otherwise, goal. That is not a healthy relationship to keep. Those who keep to a pattern of complaining when they are harmed yet inversely, are unable, or are unwilling to see themselves as the harm makers, are the ones of which I write. The irony is thick to say the least. If a person wants empathy from others then they need to know what empathy is. Not just the cold clinical definition of empathy but the nurturing effect of the return of that kindness when it is needed. In other words, do unto others that which you would have others do unto you. There is nothing magical here but in a practical sense it does seem to require magic for it to be understood. Just kidding, all it takes is some awareness and modification of behavior. Simply, think a bit before reacting. We all can accept what the whirligig of life brings us if we are all aware that it could, and more than likely will, happen to all of us. But for the grace of whatever go I.

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