Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being afraid of fear (#1392)

To default to fear is to lose before even starting. Why would we do this? Simple, we have a backup plan. We just ignore our loss to fear and pretend it never happened. We actually use logic to lie to ourselves. Well, not really logic but an illogical application of logic. It works so why not continue to live and forget how we live our lives? Again, simply because it is wrong and living in the defeat of fear does nothing to overcome fear and move on in our and others' lives. Another thing about losing to fear before we even start is the irrational considerations we start to have. Like some alternate universe, we misshape reality to fit our comfortable thinking into absolutism. We then defend our illogical truths as the only possible solution to myriad problems. Whenever I hear something that has a non-sequitur understanding, I either laugh, because the use of a non-sequitur usually implies a comedic strategy or I know that the person delivering the irrational message has been subjected to fear and cannot move beyond it. Fear is like that, it is over-powering and can halt us in our tracks, even to the point of taking our breath away. Fear can freeze our physical abilities to the point of incapable conscience movement. Yet fear is a reasoned understanding, as well as a survival technique, that has a direct physical response. We can moderate that, like all things that are instinctual and learned. Our minds are the most powerful force that we know of ever in existence. Ever in existence! We are the holders of a force so powerful that we can actually change the existence we have at our own whim. How can such an ability be possible without us living a sanguine life free from any doubt about conquering fear, whenever and wherever it's form makes an appearance.

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