Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Common courtesy (#1398)

This is where we all need to stop with the game playing and just acknowledge each other like we want to be acknowledged ourselves. The cynical outlook most of us have incorporated into our lives is slowly killing off any happiness we may find in this world. Being smart about how we interact is always a priority but not to the point of exclusion through strategy. We are human and none of us is in any way more or less human than anyone else. Our behaviors may vary but not because we are genetically engineered differently, it is because we come from different environments and we are differently inculcated. We must relearn how to overcome such changeable attitudes and actions through being thorough in our welcomes and our by your leaves. Respect is what we need to display and not just the kind that resides on the surface but deep down where our hearts are. We are all guilty of cynicism because we all have been manipulated when giving our trust and have had it most seriously abused. Nothing like that ever feels good and so we throw up protective barriers so that it won't happen again. Yet it is the barriers that separate us from who we should be and who we should become. We are all amazing, all of us. Some are more expressive and reflective of our amazing talents and others are far more subtle and introverted about theirs. No one should ever doubt that we all have some particular talent that is to be admired and respected with at least a minimum of common courtesy. Life has been unkind to far too many and that unkindness has embittered both the givers of the unkindness and the receivers of the unkindness, however, we need to stop with the past mistakes and each of us in our own way need to begin to smile and see the world as what it truly is, a gift.

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