Friday, November 23, 2012

Greed is not the true motivation (#1393)

This is the problem of our species. We have been told that we can only advance into technology and innovation through processes that are built upon greed. Competition against one another is accepted as the true means for creating better outcomes. I happen to think that we are all curious enough about what is going on around us as motivation enough. I like to learn and put to action new ideas because it is the right thing to do, not the most profitable. It is an illogical assumption to begin an advocating argument with deciding that our society, must be organized around how much we can attain for ourselves, as the only possible pathway. It is incredulous to me that people out in the world cannot grasp the concept that segregating and classifying our lives by how much treasure we can attain from each other is antithetical to enlightenment. We, as a species, like to think we are enlightened but our defense of the reasoning, analysis and conclusions as to how our society functions disproves that notion. We cannibalize our best intentions with the urges and desires of our ancient baser animal instincts that are inculcated with whims of being a demigod. The psychological mess we live in does accurately reflect back on how we implement our societal functions. We don't honor life as the greatest realization, we instead denigrate it based upon social and economic factors. Instead of prioritizing education and health as our greatest legacies, we pass along injustice and illusion as our great gifts to the future. We have sold what is best within us for a vessel of promises which cannot ever come true. We must always remember that we are human beings, not a creating god, and a civilization who are all varied by some degree but never so much that we are greater or lesser than anyone else.

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