Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Should we live forever? (#1390)

Sounds like a strange question but it seems that innovation and technology may make it so in the future. We all have had or will have death in our close circle of family and friends and of course we wish none of it to have or to happen. I want everyone to remain in my life and inside me I know that none should die. Is it possible then to consider an existence where life continues, even maybe in a "body" that stays strong and vibrant? I think so and with our species' ability to remain curious and full of discovery I actually think that in the future it may well happen. I am not trying to make us out as a god-like creature but the potential is there for us to explore the possibility of eternity on demand. I know this much, as my body wears down it seems that my soul has become tired as well. I don't have the vibrancy or agility I once had and I think that the corresponding physical deterioration I am experiencing is correlative to my spirit also becoming less vigorous. I therefore think that if my body was able to regenerate through some medical advancement or if transferring my soul to another form of body were possible, I have little doubt that I would also regenerate within my soul and feel the lively attributes of my spirit's beginning. I have reconciled to myself that the cycle of life and death with me is a certainty but into the future I cannot say that there is no hope for longer life spans with renewed vigor. We seem to be heading that way as a by-product of our insatiable, and instinctual desire to survive. We are only following our instincts to live forever and that is not in contradiction with what it is to be a human being.

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