Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Slowing myself down (#1391)

It seems that most of my life has been spent hurrying to either get something done or to get from one place to another. Another aspect of my life, having been athletic in nature, brings the consequential mindset of going hard and fast at physical goals. It seems that pushing my mind to go fast to keep up with my body, has had a residual effect that is not necessarily a good thing. I am older now and the physicality at which I had previously performed at is no longer possible, yet my mind is not restricted by such continually growing resistant evidence. What I have been left with is a need or urge to go fast and hard at things that don't offer prizes for such application, on the contrary, it seems that negative results abound from my absurdity. I am working on slowing down so that I can sense the lives and places around me with a deeper appreciation as well as to make myself more available to those who truly need me. It is a wonderful thing to have had a way of life that endeared itself to me but the losing of that way of life requires me to adapt. Adapting is not such an easy task for stubborn bullheaded persons of my ilk. lol. Yet it is what I have to do. I need to step back from the hurrying and instead plan for a methodical approach that has the best of just being alive and taking in the world around me. It is well past time I grew into a new type of person and put down the old competitive one. I had sold out on the live fast and hard motto but life has me still here and that motto is no longer a value. So slower it is and watching the younger ones use their abilities and mindsets to foster new opportunities and realities is my new paradigm.

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