Sunday, November 25, 2012

To be loved and then to be right (#1395)

Once we have found someone who loves us unconditionally, within acceptable boundaries lol., then we need to have a purpose. Certainly we can have a purpose without being loved but who would want that? We are a duo entity. We have emotion and we have intellect. Having both of them as our main priorities should be all of our goals. It is my opinion, and opinion for myself only, that finding and settling into a loving personal relationship is the greatest priority. There is something calming and fulfilling about sharing love with one who shares love with you. It sets the foundation for everything else that follows and the most important thing that follows is learning and understanding. Not only about ourselves, within the love relationship, but also outside that about what is good and right about our world. The best of outcomes for the rightness of things is when there is no downside or negative impact on others. A happy world to reflect the inner happiness we hopefully find in our personal relationship. We cannot all find our process of finding love and then applying ourselves to doing good in the world in that order. Some of us must muddle through life with the hope or expectation that love will find us regardless of the time that has already passed. We must keep a vigil for the hope and ride out the present with the thought that an intimate happiness is just around the corner. We all deserve a shot at finding the warmth and caring of being loved and we all deserve a shot at doing in the world the things that are right and good. Life is very simply understood when we find our priorities align with a shared personal contentment along with heroic behavior.

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