Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doing great things despite resistance (#1420)

This post is about how I feel about those who have the power to change things that fundamentally give direction to our future. Not just picking around the edges to keep the status quo but effectively command a position of leadership through an honorable and decent vision. it seems that what I expect from our leaders and what they are showing are two dynamically different realities. The courage of one's conviction is not just some vague expression of defiance, it is actually standing up in the face of fear for all those who have been beaten down over time without a voice or the leverage to actually fight for what is right and good. At this time in our history of human evolvement we are at a crossroads with doing just enough to satisfy everyone a little bit and anger everyone a little bit or we can take what the majority will of the people here in America have expressed and put enlightenment to it. There are some simple but great changes that can be demanded by those who have the power to do so and that we are not seeing the truth of that in it's clarity is why I am writing this post today. I am confused as to why demonstrable courage is not being expressed by the majorities' elected leadership to advance equality, fairness, respect and decency into every aspect of our present and future policies. Surely the minority has bad intent instilled in many of it's objections but when bad intent is given a voice at the negotiating table we have all already lost. The voices of diminution should be kicked to the curb and if those diminutive voices thwart the present with calamity then bring calamity on for it is the quickest way for us to expose their treachery and put penalty and retribution to their actions.

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