Monday, December 31, 2012

Only courage brings about great change (#1431)

I am sick and tired of fear being our solution for existence. Leadership requires hard truths and the courage to fight for those hard truths. There are those in power here in America who are going to hurt us one way or another, so the best way to ameliorate this coming pain is to let it happen and then punish those who caused it. Collaborating with them to lessen the pain is in essence acquiescing to more of the same. The best method for halting such brutish behavior is to let them own their actions and then exposing them for it. I know it is hard to let that happen but unless we are willing to root out the cancer in our ailing society, we will never be free from the effects it continues to pain us with, today and into other scenarios in the future. We must take our medicine and then let fate work it's conclusion. I have much faith in our species' ability to crush those things that harm us when they are exposed to the light of day. But to get to that point the measure of harm that is being challenged to us all must have it's day. We are unable to use the wisdom of logic and common sense prevention as cures so the next best thing is to give nothing to the harm causers and let them show their intent. If they follow through with their nefarious intent, then they own it, if they don't then they will be exposed as the cowards they are in their hearts and be dealt a penalty that unmasks and destroys the notion that less than honorable ulterior motives have a place in our progressing society. We are stuck with what we have in the body of illogical human representation for now, but as is always the case, "... somehow the arc of the moral universe does bend towards justice..."-Dr. King. 

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