Thursday, December 27, 2012

The difference between choice and force (#1427)

These two terms don't naturally flow together and in fact they are very different options when situations arise that entail their usage. I am going to come at this from the perspective of the individual who has complexities in their life and can either choose to do something or is forced to do what others would have them do. We have many laws and regulations in our society that direct our behavior as a safety and security concern, however when it comes to individual choices concerning the welfare of our personal state of being and the freedom to do so is where we get into trouble. Forcing ones to do something based upon the morality of another is antithetical to free will and the enlightened natural state of consciousness. As a species, we have evolved to a point in our existence where the vast majority of us know that belief systems and the morality they embody are based upon choice not force. Attraction, not promotion like a self-help program eloquently points out. The same is with anything in life when complex thinking and mass populations are entwined in civilized society. There is no valid argument for forcing others to adhere when that force is not a choice but rather a sovereign demand. Again, I am not talking about rules and regulations we all mostly accept as necessary for our society to maintain safety and security in some balanced way, I am talking about personal choices that we all should be free to choose for ourselves. There are sub-codes of ethics and morays that we mostly use as guidelines but the freedom to experience life beyond those self-chosen restrictions by some should not be an anchor for those who do not choose those very same self-imposed restrictions. We are a melting pot of differences and until we realize that in all ways, freedom to choose and not be forced, continues to be under attack. 

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