Saturday, December 15, 2012

The importance of community (#1415)

Too much effort is being forced upon we citizens to be separate from each other. One of our two main political parties has even made the drive for selfish individualism it's core policy. The problems that arise from unfettered liberty to do as one human may think is best based upon few restrictions always leads to harm for others. There is no scenario were one's freedom to do as they please does not constitute some harmful breach upon another. This is why we have laws and regulations. We need to better control human behavior within boundaries that diminish and even halt harm, not the other way around were advocacy for less law and regulation steep our culture in a cauldron of harmful chaos. Never in the history of humanity have we moved so far into civilized behavior and then advocated for less. There is a boiling issue in our politics about behavioral parameters and the only reason for it is based upon greed. Most of us accept the need for boundaries, otherwise our behavior left free to our own whims can and will destroy much around us. We are not yet evolved enough to be free from artificial restrictions. We are not gods who can always think and behave in ways that are perfect. It is why we have to parent ourselves with rules. Some take offense to this idea because of the wealth they have they see themselves as above our needed framework for society out of some delusional sense that they are greater than our species on whole. I am saddened by this illogical debate by the few who think we should be less communal in order to practice out of control individualism. I am also saddened by the desperate effects on those who have been cast aside by society because of this despicable pressure to neuter communal activities that lead to healthier lifestyles.

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