Saturday, December 29, 2012

We must face the consequences of our actions (#1429)

Whether we are discovered out by our actions or not, we must deal with them in a way that offers relief for our own conscious. There is a very real burden that is borne by not addressing those actions we have taken and are in guilt or remorse over. We must accept that we are not perfectly logical humans and our actions, at times, leave us with less than honorable outcomes. Our intent for the most part is to advance some desired objectives, however those objectives often become greater than the correct process to fulfill them. Hence we are left with the very real knowledge that we have harmed someone or something in some way. Guilt for those of us with a conscious and for the rest , psychopaths and sociopaths, there is nothing. Most of us though are aware of our own failings even if others are not aware of our failings. We must not dispose of our guilt through dismissal of them since no one else is aware, we must instead find a way to recognize our failings and incorporate that knowledge into improving our character and our judgments against others. Truth really is the great liberator in life. When we remain in truth there is little to nothing that can upset our search for happiness. However, when we let the truth devolve into lies, we then begin our slide down deception and dishonesty as a foundation. And, as is mostly always the case, lies to lead to more lies until the lies are the abundance of our reality. Such is a despairing way to live, never knowing for sure which lie to use with whom. Life will always be more correct and easy to manage when we stick to the truth even when the truth abhors us. We are all quite capable of making tremendous mistakes but those of us who face our mistakes and commit them to the truth of who we are, are the ones who can move past them into a better life.

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