Friday, December 28, 2012

We must not compromise on sanity (#1428)

When we are asked to do something that has no sense attached to it in order to get what we need, we must not take that deal. It would be better for us to not get what we need than to agree on something that makes no sense. there are times in life when we must draw our line in the sand and vow not to cross it. Such times come whenever they do and regardless of inconvenience and real world tragedy, we must always show that we will not capitulate to the interests that undermine our progress. Surely we must proceed with caution when times are difficult to understand, however I am talking about deliberate sabotage as a strategy to impose some illogical concept toward our own undoing. We see this recently in our politics by one of the ever-decreasing political parties. However they have some leverage left and in a show of arrogance and bloviated tendencies, they propose their will when their will is not the majority. If they don't get their will they act as if destroying the progress of the last century is an option. Their sense of self-justification comes from their limited view that all should be like them and not what they are. A paternal/maternal ideology centered on one set of principles despite the absurdity of most of those principles. I like to refer to it as an insanity since the clinical definition escapes me. Since when do some believe that by morphing their illogical assumptions to fit the argument of the day is an answer instead of more confusion? Apparently it is today, and tomorrow and many recent yesterdays that our society has allowed irrationality to rise to the fore in the place of complex honorable statesmanship. The gravity of this moment is bound to what our future will look like and in that there can be no insane compromise.

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