Monday, December 17, 2012

What we value (#1417)

It seems that money has taken on the role of what we value. Certainly money is just the vehicle toward attainment, however the attainment of just what is becoming less clear. For many it is just the continual accumulation of money that is the goal not some principled purpose. I know how most of us feel, that if we have as much money as we can get we make ourselves immune to the ravages of the world that are unkind to those who have little to no money. So we begin to act out as animals, who try to get to safety and security with a mindset of selfish behavior over any sense of decent propriety. When the lust and greed of gaining wealth in immense amounts overcome our original purpose to attain it we find that we have become apart from our society in some lacking in compassion, demigod-like, stunted manner. What is it we value in life? For me it is not money or some other means to barter, it is the happiness I find in surviving in a world where I can be of some small service to not only others but to the future. I need to survive myself, however that is not based upon accumulation, it is rather based upon satisfying my own basic needs and maybe a modest hoped for want once in a while. So the real value in life is being with the rest of humanity and sharing in the smiles and laughter that can only be brought about by helping or being helped. A glad heart is the cure for all that ails us and getting to a glad heart cannot be bought with money, it must be received through the actions of giving. 

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