Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When fear has it's way (#1419)

I haven't written on fear in quite some time so maybe today is a good time to revisit it and it's effect. Fear is a common reaction in a world that seems to be more chaotic than happy. The uncertainty of circumstances and possible outcomes continues to be a trade-off for the liberty we demand for ourselves. With liberty comes a price and it isn't always a pleasant price to pay. Horrible things happen to decent people just like wonderful things happen for despicable people. Such is the present nature of our society. That is the reality of our situations here in our country at this time. That fear will be present is no excuse to give into it. The only good that can come from fear is when we actually stand up to it and overcome it. We all fear for our lives and few of us are of the mindset to dangerously gamble with the ultimate sacrifice of our own life. Yet at times in our lives, we must prepare ourselves for just that possibility. The one thing that I have had continuously proven to me is that there are no guarantees or deserves when it comes an absolute protection of my right to live. We are asked to potentially sacrifice ourselves in the military for our country, we are involved in enterprises of both public and private natures that have inherent risk of life as part of their protocol. We have desperate and sick people in our society with the sanction of liberties we bestow upon ourselves using those liberties to harm themselves and others. Everything about our society is at times a great gamble and when we realize that  we then understand that life is either viewed with a sense of fear or a sense of courage. I do feel fear from time to time but my response is not to cower, it is to stand up and expect more from myself.

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