Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Accepting my nature (#1475)

I am who I am and although I like to think of myself in theoretically greater terms, it still is not so. I do improve myself with great hopes and expectations of my own making, but as we all know what we may expect of ourselves is often short of the ideal. Regardless though, I am a good natured person always willing to see the bright side of life. It is how I have chosen to live in that I understand that we all need to have positive situations to keep up our spirits. There is always a darker side of life we will travel to from time to time because life does make us weary with unfortunate situations more often than not. However, the answer to those negative times is, for me, to lift my head above the happening and try to see the bigger picture. I can often as well keep myself from the negative in life by choosing to alter my behavior. I know where life is more than unhappy and I try to avoid being in those places. There are times when going to the places of trouble will allow me to do good and better things, and I appreciate the opportunities when I can spot them, but mostly the troubles that exist are self-made and no amount of help I would share would be welcome. There are those who choose to live in the worse or worst of their natures since it allows them at least a comforting illusion of not being embarrassed or ashamed in front of those who they admire or remind them of their guilt. There are few ways in our lives for us to conquer the demons of our pasts but I have and although my demons were more or less simple, actions and behaviors, to fix, they did require my values to come to the fore of who I am. My nature is now the lead in all my intentions and that is how I have been living and shall continue live.

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