Saturday, February 16, 2013

Expecting more from ourselves (#1478)

Are we the type of people who live off the laurels of others? Are we so incapable of having a vision for ourselves that includes a better world when we leave this one? These are some fundamental questions that need honest answers from each of us. I know that opportunities are difficult in the current unenlightened political morass, although some politicians are fighting hard for our human rights to exist in a safe and equal society, but are we the types of humans who think that we don't matter or that we cannot make a difference? Are the best days of humanity behind us? I don't think so and neither should you. There is a brilliance in being involved in the changing dynamics of our society when that dynamic is aimed at creating a smarter and more inclusive paradigm. Nothing that exists today that we have created is perfect, therefore much work needs to be done to make all things better. Every new generation must build from the top of our preceding generation's shoulders. We cannot stop and say this is fine enough for me and too bad about the rest of you. That is not who we are as a people. In our hearts we know this. I started this blog because I wanted all of existence to know that we are a caring species and a curious species. Everything else flows from that and if we stay who we are we will always continue to move forward within our natures. If we don't we will be outside our natures and only show the results of lesser activities. Each of us is great in our own existence and what we do with the greatest part of ourselves will write the story for those who come next to admire and build upon.

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