Friday, February 22, 2013

Fight for what you need (#1484)

I don't mean go pick fights to get what you want. I mean go after your goals with confidence and resolve. I need my own advice in so many areas of my life as I sit here pondering the direction this post is taking. I fail miserably in my personal life because apparently I don't value my own needs very highly. It appears that I am less courageous about attaining what could and would make my life more rewarding simply because I am not out fighting for what I need. It is shameful on my part to be such a loser when it comes to matters of my heart and mind. Yes, loser! lol. I am not negatively swayed though by my self critique and I do resolve to face my own limitations when it comes to what I would really like to see happen in my life. I hope you will do the same in yours. There is a laziness of spirit or energy in provoking my ambition with my forceful will and that is where I am lacking. I need to get the fire lit under my doable desires and put myself out there and take a chance. I am not so much weak minded but I am not aggressive enough for my own good. Life is about the gifts that we can enjoy with each other and when I am not participating in the opportunities life actually presents to me then I am a horrible steward of what could be great for me and others. The complexity of learning more about myself than I do is begrudging, but it is right. None of us has the keys to all the enlightened doors out there but to not cross the threshold of the doors that are open right in front of me is less than honorable. This is a light I shine on myself more than any other and it would behoove me to think and then proceed with the proper action. 

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