Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If it is bad it isn't right (#1481)

I have yet to find anything that is bad that is right. Some things that are neither good nor bad can be right, but nothing that I know of that is bad is right. So, as I see the value of this statement, it unequivocally states that if anything has a bad element to it then it isn't right. it follows the rules of logic. By default bad is not right. We live with compromise in our lives from the beginning of life to the end, only because all of us are not in synchronicity with each other. Our values have been misplaced as to overall coordination. Many times I have heard the term "if only" and that simple phrase sums up our lack of principled civilized structure. We would rather hold customs and myths in higher regard than the reality of what is right in front of us. We have chosen to forego rational acceptance as the highest priority in order to placate existing demagoguery. Why we do this is for the simple reason that myths and customs placate our sense of belonging and as well helps to dispel fears that come from our own inadequacies. We would rather accept our compromised version of ourselves than actually become who we really are. In fact, we are so invested in how we sell ourselves short, we even fight against that which we know in our souls is good and right. A calculation has been made not to upset the existing irrational way we chose to morph our values to fit the most convenient and comfortable solution. Although we struggle against our compromises we eventually fall into the trap of acceptance as the price we pay for what we have, without acknowledging our internal truth meter. Because it exists does not make it right, that is left to our values and until we live totally within our values we will continue to accept and even defend the bad.

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